We haven't had much of a summer this year. A grey cold damp winter flowed seamlessly into an equally grey summer, albeit warmer, with only a few sunny days. Our recent trip to Norfolk had been damp and cold. Normally, we would book somewhere with guaranteed sunshine, but overseas travel has meant a confusing mass … Continue reading Cambridge


We can see Norwich cathedral from our hotel bedroom window.  Actually, I'm being a little generous.  If we stand by the window and peer sideways we can see the spire over a brick wall and a building or two.  We normally stay in one of the budget hotel chains but, invariably, find ourselves fronting a … Continue reading Norfolk

Land’s End and a Snow Globe

The sea spray splattered my glasses and the wind tugged at my hair causing it to stick up in an unusually expressive and interesting manner.  I looked like a cross between a mad scientist and just plain mad.  I zipped up my jacket. “Amazing! It’s like something from National Geographic!”  Madam shouted above the wind.   She was pointing … Continue reading Land’s End and a Snow Globe